Murray State’s School of Engineering has many programs that continue to be successful and provide career opportunities for students. The Engineering Physics program (Murray State’s EAC/ABET accredited engineering degree) provides opportunities for senior engineering students to design a product or device as a part of their senior design class. This year, an Engineering Physics Senior Design team designed and built an electric all-terrain vehicle (E-Vehicle). This is the first time that the engineering program has invested in designing and successfully building an E-Vehicle.  

The E-Vehicle is a two-person off-road vehicle powered by a 17-horsepower electric motor with a battery capacity of one hour of operation. The engineering students designed, fabricated, and tested all vehicle systems – to include power transmission, suspension, steering, chassis, and roll-cage structure.

Pictured from left-right: Jackson Arnold, Shariq Fayaz, Christian Kester, Tyler Whetstone, Dr. Jamie Rogers, Tom Grogan and Dana Buesseler. Not pictured: Jack Warren.
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