Murray State University welcomes several students from around the world who participated in the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (UGRAD) in Pakistan. 

The Global Undergraduate Exchange Program in Pakistan is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. government and administered by the International Research & Exchanges Board. 

UGRAD strives to bring diversity and new perspectives to University classrooms, hosting students and encouraging them to make lasting relationships that span across the globe. 

Murray State University welcomed several students from around the world who participated in the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (UGRAD) in Pakistan. Pictured from left are Ozair Hamza, Lachhman Das Khatri, Shais Babar and Misba Binte Sattar.

Murray State international student advisor Madison Lane said UGRAD offers a unique experience of bringing together some of the best and brightest from Pakistan, offering them a cross-cultural experience. 

“I believe that the students recognize the warmth, hospitality and strong academics that Murray State has to offer on campus, and the students are able to mutually benefit from their American and fellow international peers,” Lane said. 

“I truly feel overwhelmed being a Racer and a cultural ambassador at this prestigious institute,” said Ozair Hamza, an international relations and affairs major from Pakistan. “This university provides a great experience to get involved in the various opportunities of both curricular and co-curricular activities.”

Racers have already given the exchange students a warm welcome, including current international students. 

“It is easy to make friends here because there are a lot of international students who are eager to know each other and curious about each other’s cultures,” said Lirong Yang, an English major from China. “At the same time, I’ve met some Americans who are friendly and happy to offer help when I need them.”

Global UGRAD-Pakistan students have taken to social media to share their experiences in the program; by using the hashtag #UGRADPK, people connect to the greater conversation with students, colleges and universities across the U.S.

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