MURRAY, Ky. — Murray State University honored outstanding professors during the 2019 Faculty Recognition Banquet held April 18 in the Curris Center Ballroom.

The banquet, led by Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Mark Arant, awarded faculty for their roles in the classroom and as mentors and researchers. The banquet also recognized faculty that have served for decades, as well as those retiring this semester.

“This is a great opportunity to recognize and honor our faculty for their contributions to the University and to the students,” said organizer Sara Miller, an administrative specialist for Murray State Academic Affairs. “Our professors do so much more than teach college courses. They mentor students, advise student organizations, publish their own research and develop a culture of learning. We can’t thank them enough.”

This year’s Distinguished Professor Award was presented to Stephen Lacewell, a professor of finance at Murray State and director of the University’s Center for Banking and Finance.

Biology professor Alexey Arkov was awarded Researcher of the Year. Arkov was recently awarded a prestigious National Institutes of Health Research Project Grant for his work on germ plasms.

Daniel Wann, a psychology professor specializing in sports fandom, is this year’s Distinguished Mentor. With his work appearing on ESPN, the New York Times and other publications, Wann has made a name for himself as a leading authority on sport fandom.

Other individual awards (department/college in parentheses) include:

  • Emerging Scholars: Danielle Muzina (Art and Design) and Bikram Subedi (Chemistry)
  • ODK Faculty Advisor of the Year: Patty Parish (Organizational Communication)
  • Faculty Innovation Initiative: Jessica Branch (Early Childhood and Elementary Education), Feifei Pang (Art and Design) and Ho Ryong Park (English and Philosophy)
  • Sandra Flynn Professor of the Year: Randal Keller (Occupational Safety and Health)
  • Service Learning Mentor: Miranda Wilson (Center for Academic Success)
  • Board of Regents Teaching Excellence: Crystal Coel (College of Business), Katherine Hancock (College of Education and Human Services), Michael Bordieri (College of Humanities and Fine Arts), Aaron Irvin (Humanities and Fine Arts), Yousif Abulhassan (College of Science, Engineering and Technology), Michelle Casey (College of Science, Engineering and Technology), Kathy Stanczyk (School of Nursing and Health Professions) and Jeff Henry (University Libraries)
  • Outstanding Researcher: Cemil Kuzey (College of Business), Miguel Gomez (College of Education and Human Services), Yousif Yang (College of Humanities and Fine Arts), Bassil El Masri (College of Science, Engineering and Technology), Alyx Shultz (Hutson School of Agriculture), Dana Todd (School of Nursing and Health Professions) and Dana Thompson (University Libraries)

The University also honored faculty milestones, from 10 years at the University all the way to 35 years.

10 years

  • Josh Adair (English and Philosophy)
  • Teresa Betts (Management, Marketing and Business Administration)
  • Kathy Callahan (History)
  • Tana Field (Music)
  • Sung-ho Hong (Earth and Environmental Sciences)
  • Carrie Jerrell (English and Philosophy)
  • Aleck Leedy (Institute of Engineering)
  • Juyong Song (English and Philosophy)

15 years

  • Leslie Alverson II (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Narine Badasyan (Economics and Finance)
  • Dina Byers (Nursing)
  • Alicia Carthell (English and Philosophy)
  • Kala Chakradhar (Community Leadership and Human Services)
  • Bertus Ferreira (Community Leadership and Human Services)
  • Jeffrey Osborne (English and Philosophy)
  • Dale Phillips (English and Philosophy)
  • John Utgaard (Art and Design)

20 years

  • Jeanne Beaver (Art and Design)
  • J. Ricky Cox (Chemistry)
  • Laura Dawkins (English and Philosophy)
  • Nicole Hand (Art and Design)
  • Chhanda Islam (Early Childhood and Elementary Education)
  • Steve Lacewell (Economics and Finance)
  • Scott Lewis (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Johna Veatch (Veterinary Sciences)

25 years

  • John Crofton (Institute of Engineering)
  • David Gibson (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Paula Waddill (Psychology)
  • Tracey Wortham (Occupational Safety and Health)

30 years

  • Steven Schneiderman (Institute of Engineering)
  • Shri Singh (Breathitt Veterinary Center)

35 years

  • Terry Canerdy (Veterinary Technology and Pre-Veterinary Medicine)
  • Mike Perlow (Nursing)
  • Kenneth Sutrick (Computer Science and Information Systems)

Additionally, the University recognized retiring faculty. That group includes Helen Roulston, an associate professor of English retiring after 53 years. Other retiring faculty include:

  • Meenu Singh (Computer Science and Information Systems)
  • David Brasfield (Economics and Finance)
  • James McCoy (Economics and Finance)
  • Martin Milkman (Economics and Finance)
  • Sandra Miles (Management, Marketing and Business Administration)
  • Renee Campoy (Adolescent, Career and Special Education)
  • Joseph DeBella (Adolescent, Career and Special Education)
  • Judy Brookhiser (Community Leadership and Human Services)
  • Jacqueline Hansen (Early Childhood and Elementary Education)
  • Deborah Bell (English and Philosophy)
  • Ogden Brown (English and Philosophy)
  • Ted Belue (History)
  • Duane Bolin (History)
  • William Mulligan (History)
  • Randal Black (Music)
  • Terry Derting (Biological Sciences)
  • David White (Biological Sciences)
  • Steven Schneiderman (Institute of Engineering)
  • Masaru Okuda (Institute of Engineering)
  • Marcia Hobbs (Nursing)

Photo: Pictured are retiring Murray State University faculty posing for a photo with Murray State administrators, including President Dr. Bob Jackson, far right, and Board of Regents Chair Susan Guess, far left. Retiring professor of English Helen Roulston, center left and holding flowers, has taught at the University for 53 years.

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