MURRAY, Ky. — Murray State University’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics hosted Math Day 2019 at Murray State on Feb. 7. High school students and teachers from the 18-county service region gathered in the Curris Center for a day of math competitions and math-related activities.  Ten high schools and 200 registered students and faculty were in attendance for the event.   Students participating in Math Day began the morning with a math competition. After lunch, awards were presented to the top-performing students from each exam level and to the top-performing school. The top three juniors and seniors who took the upper-level exam are eligible for a scholarship from the mathematics and statistics department. Awards were also presented to the top-performing teams in the team competition.  

Lower and upper exam winners include:

First place: Xander Normet (McCracken County High School); Jacob Largent (Marshall County High School)

Second place: Louis Driver (Graves County High School); Chaobo Cai (McCracken County High School)

Third place: Ben Schofield (McCracken County High School); Reece Hutchins (McCracken County High School) 

Fourth place: Isaac Anderson (Calloway County High School); Carson Sims (Graves County High School) 

Fifth place: Josiah Baumer (McCracken County High School); Jake Mitchell (McCracken County High School)  

Recognition for scholarships — top juniors taking the upper-level exam: 

Highest score: Reece Hutchins (McCracken County High School) 

Second-highest score: Jake Mitchell (McCracken County High School) 

Third-highest score: Andrew Hardt (Calloway County High School)  

Recognition for Scholarships — top seniors taking the upper-level exam: 

Highest score: Jacob Largent (Marshall County High School) 

Second-highest Score: Chaobo Cai (McCracken County High School) 

Third-highest Score: Carson Sims (Graves County High School)  

Top-performing school: McCracken County High School  

Team competition:

First place: Graves County High School Red Team — Louis Driver, Parker Gerad, Taylor Goodwin, Carson Sims

Second Place: Fulton Independent High School Blue Team — LaDarius Coble, Nick Lucy, Jasmine McCloyn, Brandon Rushing

Third Place: Graves County High School Orange Team — Lillie Johnson, Sarah Lyell, Abby Seavers 

Students also took part in the third-annual Jesse D. Jones Lecture Series, titled “Making a Difference with Math.” During the panel, high school students were able to hear from Murray State alumna Meredith Duncan and ask questions about pursuing a career in mathematics.    

Math Day 2019 at Murray State University is funded by Jesse D. Jones; the Jesse D. Jones College of Science, Engineering and Technology; the Murray State Department of Mathematics and Statistics; and the student chapter of Murray State’s Association for Women in Mathematics. Additional information is available at

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