MURRAY, Ky. — In celebration of scholarly research and creative activity, Murray State University students will have the opportunity to present their findings at Fall Scholars Week from Nov. 12–16.

Scholars Week is a semi-annual event at Murray State presented by University Libraries and the Office of Research and Creative Activity. The variety of presentation topics — from trends in contemporary creative writing to evidence-based practices in health care — are informative to attendees from all disciplines.

“Scholars Week provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to formally present the fruits of their scholarly or creative labors with the entire campus community,” said A.J. Boston, coordinator for the Office of Research and Creative Activity. “It is an excellent venue for all Murray State students, staff, faculty members and the local community to interact with currently enrolled students from a wide variety of disciplines and interests.”

While research enhances students’ understanding of their disciplines and better prepares them for their future careers, it also allows students to find solutions to current issues in their fields.

It was during a clinical when nursing major Abby Prins of Hagerman, Indiana, learned local newspapers used to publish the names of hospital patients for community members to send letters of encouragement. After the enactment of various legislation, newspapers were no longer allowed to print patient information.

Prins was curious how the community support of hospital patients was impacted after there were no longer patient announcements in local newspapers. Her research, which she will present during Fall Scholars Week, stemmed from this question to develop into the broader topic of how social support affects patients’ mental and physical health.

“I spend time getting to know patients’ hobbies, family lives and jobs in an attempt to build a relationship with them,” Prins said. “I offer patients a handmade card filled with encouragement and remind them of the community of people who are here to support them. The surveys and vital measurements reveal the change in psychological and physiological health before and after they receive the card.”

Prins is excited her dream of making a difference is coming true by bringing light to an important health care topic she is passionate about, she said.

“Conducting research allows me to explore topics that are important and worthy of investigation,” Prins added. “Scholars Week is the venue where I can share my discoveries with the inquiring minds of the campus community.”

In addition to student research presentations, Fall Scholars Week will host panel discussions, poster sessions, language colloquiums and Honors College senior thesis presentations.

A full schedule of events for Fall Scholars Week is available at


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