MURRAY, Ky. — Murray State University graduate Addison Peter of Tell City, Indiana, interned with Live Nation Entertainment this summer, fulfilling a dream she’s carried since high school.

“Going into my freshman year at Murray State, all I had going for myself was my passion and work ethic,” Peter said. “I had no experience with the music industry besides the many concerts I had attended.”

There was always something Peter loved about the energy of the audience at concerts. However, it was while attending a performance during the Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour as a high school student that Peter had a realization.

“Music unifies people in a way that nothing else can,” Peter said. “I looked at the crowd and saw people of countless different backgrounds and different belief systems. At the show, nothing else in their lives mattered. It was all about the music.”

Peter described that concert she attended in high school as her “defining moment” — when she decided to make music business her career. Yet, music had always been part of her life.

“Growing up, Saturday mornings were spent listening to Motown while my dad made breakfast,” Peter remembered. “Nights were spent exploring my sister’s record collection and learning the music of Styx, REO Speedwagon and countless other bands.”

Every member of Peter’s immediate family had different music preferences. Her grandparents sung along to the likes of Patsy Cline, Marty Robbins and Merle Haggard, while her mother played ABBA and show tunes.

Before her fated Miley Cyrus concert, Peter planned to study engineering, business or physics.

During the long hours of research on her new career aspiration, it didn’t take long to realize that Live Nation Entertainment played a prominent role in the industry. So, upon admission to Murray State, she knew where she wanted to be.

“The music business [program] at Murray State allowed me to work with artists and plan and promote concerts while earning my degree,” Peter said. “By the end of my final year, I had created artist management plans, put on a live concert series and founded an on-campus record company.”

Peter joined organizations that aligned with her major and became a founding member and president of M-Track Records, a student-run record company on Murray State’s campus. Under the guidance of the Murray State music business program director Karen Kane and Murray State instructor Justin Patton, M-Track Records takes artists through the recording process in addition to promoting and distributing their music.

Peter also worked with other music business students to put on two Lovett Live series at Murray State. The students plan and promote the entire event with the goal of the concert being to bring “national talent into a hometown, intimate, on-stage environment,” according to

“As a student, it was incredible to be given the opportunity to work with up and coming artists,” Peter said. “The music business program is very hands-on and the experience I gained with Lovett Live prepared me for my internship this summer.”

She discovered the internship with Live Nation Entertainment during her senior year and applied straight away.

Her role as sponsorship intern involved significant behind-the-scenes work gathering information on potential sponsors, preparing the Ascend Amphitheater for venue show and facilitating the fulfillment of integrated sponsorship programs, including signage, digital media, hospitality and activation.

Peter hopes to begin her career in the live performance area of the music industry, much like what she did this summer in Nashville. Her time at Murray State and her experience at Live Nation Entertainment continually reaffirmed her life goals.

“You may do an internship in a field and learn that you wouldn’t enjoy a career in that field,” Peter said. “On the other hand, an internship may lead you closer to your passion.”

Recently, Peter met an executive who is part of the North American touring division of Live Nation. Peter walked in wearing her Bangerz Tour shirt. Upon seeing the shirt, the executive pointed and said, “I did that tour.”

“It was an incredible moment because she had just told me that I’m going to ‘go so far in this business,’” Peter said. “It was the moment everything seemed to come full circle.”


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