MURRAY, Ky. — For every marketing campaign, there is someone behind the scenes: creating the graphics, managing the social media and conducting the research. It is a vital role — one that Ann Marie Caldwell takes seriously as an intern with the Dining Services unit at Murray State University.

Caldwell is a sophomore from Fulton studying accounting in the Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business at Murray State. Since May 2018, she has worked as the marketing and communications intern for Dining Services with responsibilities ranging from coordinating Twitter and Facebook accounts to creating unique designs and content for promotional materials. She intends to continue in her role into the upcoming school year.

“I was interested in this internship because I knew I would be planning, designing and developing concepts that I would see come to life as a Murray State student myself,” Caldwell said. “Everything I do at work, I either see on a brochure or on a Facebook post the next day. Nothing is cooler than that.”

The free coffee from the Curris Café is nice, too, she added.

Although Caldwell is an accounting student, she decided to pursue an internship in a communications and marketing role as a way to stretch her creative muscles and to test her skills in the business world further. Now, several weeks into the internship experience, she credits Emily Asher and Charlie Liming of Dining Services with being great resources and mentors.

“Emily and Charlie have been wonderful people to work with during my internship: showing me what it truly takes to run the administrative side of the department,” Caldwell said. “My professors in the [Arthur J. Bauernfeind] College of Business have also equipped me with creative and intelligent decision-making skills, professionalism and the mindset of a businesswoman — all of which I use every day in my internship.”

After graduating from Murray State in 2021, Caldwell plans to attend law school or to earn her master’s degree in economic development. Whichever path she takes, she said, her internship experience will have helped to prepare her for what comes next.

“The atmosphere of my internship is fast paced, professional and requires me to think differently than I’ve ever had to before,” Caldwell said, “which all prepares me for whatever is waiting for me after undergrad.”

For students looking to pursue similar internships, Caldwell advised them to push themselves and to think about the future.

“Be relentless in your pursuit of things that will help you develop professional experience,” Caldwell said. “Make decisions today that your future self will thank you for.”

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