MURRAY, Ky. — The department of art and design at Murray State University is hosting an interdisciplinary artist workshop April 21 in partnership with New York University to further develop creative inquiry and exploration for students in visual arts, performing arts and writing at Murray State.

The workshop will be held April 21 from 9:30 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4:30 p.m. in the University’s painting lab, located in room 711 of the Price Doyle Fine Arts Building. The event is open to the public with a $20 admission fee.

Through the combined mediums of poetry, dance, theatre and visual arts, the workshop will lead participants through various methods of transposing feeling and thought into form. Students and facilitators will collaborate through guided exercises, open reflection and artistic creation. The work itself centers on the solidarity artists find in sharing personal experiences. This exploration will take into consideration the community of Murray and its relationship to participants. The workshop aims to provide an opportunity for participants to utilize their artistic abilities as a means through which they might convey personal histories, stories and themes in their local, regional, national and international communities to create indelible and groundbreaking connections between individuals and work for the integration of a fragmented world.

Megan Pinto is a Master of Fine Arts candidate in poetry at Warren Wilson’s MFA program for writers. She is also a playwright at Playmakers Repertory Company and a resident artist at Purple Rose Theatre Company. During the workshop, Pinto will offer opportunities for students to explore image as an emotional and intellectual complex, starting from a place of language and moving into visual imagery and sound. Participants will work with noticing things in their environment and keeping an image journal, discussing definitions of image and then moving into abstracting those images. The goal is to sharpen the noticing eye and to draw out associations and imaginative movements.

Sonja Petermann is a printmaker and recent artist-in-residence at Main Street Arts in New York. During the workshop, Petermann will offer opportunities to survey various drawing processes. Participants will use techniques to investigate the ways artists can relocate and redefine their impressions.

Kathleen Dalton is a Master of Social Work student at New York University and works as a dance therapist. She will work with workshop participants through movement exploration to create biopsychosocial connectivity on an individual and group level, utilizing emergent group themes to aid students in the rich expression that lies at the intersection of emotion and experience held in the body when humans collide.

For more information about the upcoming workshop and to RSVP, please contact Danielle Mužina in the department of art and design at 270-809-6731 or

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