Murray State President Bob Davies shares his thoughts following the tragic event that took place at Marshall County High School on Tuesday, Jan. 23.

Dear Community,

On Tuesday morning of this week a horrific tragedy hit very close to home with an active shooter situation at Marshall County High School. We are eternally grateful for the authorities who responded and quickly had the shooter in custody. And we are devastated by the loss of life of two students and the many injuries that occurred.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the students, family and friends at Marshall County High School and to our local communities. At the time of the incident, several Murray State student teachers, interns and a faculty supervisor were at Marshall County High School. We are extremely thankful for those across our campus and throughout our various communities who worked to ensure that they were safe. And, we will forevermore be grateful to all members of our communities who supported the students, faculty, staff and the family members of Marshall County High School – and are continuing to assist them – through this time of grief and hardship.

Murray State University has shared a positive and productive partnership with Marshall County High School through teacher education services, collaboration with nursing students, music competitions and athletic cooperatives to name just a few initiatives. The University also serves as “home away from home” for many high school students from Marshall County and our surrounding communities who are attending college. We are fortunate to have many faculty and staff from these areas who give of their time and treasures to Murray State University. As we are such strong partners, Murray State stands ready to support Marshall County High School in any way possible.

As we all are asking questions, grieving and trying to gain an understanding of this tragedy, it is time, as a community, to come together, to support one another and give strength to each other.

Please continue to keep Marshall County, the families who lost loved ones and all those impacted by this tragic event in your thoughts and prayers.


Bob Davies


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