Samantha Taylor


Organizational Communication


Murray, KY

High School:

Murray High School


Taylor is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, in which she was named the 2017 Standard Committee Freshman Representative and won the Outstanding Freshman Award. She is also a Summer Orientation Counselor, a National Society of Collegiate Scholar, a member at Hardin Baptist Church and a member of Campus Outreach.

If any, what scholarships have you received?

 Governor’s Scholar Program Award

What advice would you give high school students about college? 

 Know how to study! I came from a high school that prepared me extremely well academically and taught me how to study, but there are some students I know who struggle in this area. Also, be open-minded before entering college both personally and academically. You never know what is in store for you, so just enjoy your college journey and do not rush through it!

Who has influenced you the most in your life and why? 

 It is difficult for me to pick only one person that has influenced me most, so I would have to choose my parents. They have encouraged me to not only grow spiritually, but also personally. No matter what, they have pushed me to be a better me and set higher goals than anyone could imagine. I wouldn’t be the young woman I am today if it wasn’t for my parents who have always set a perfect example.

What do you want to do after graduation? 

 I want to be the director of basketball or football operations at the college level.

Why did you choose Murray State? 

 I chose Murray State University not only because it was affordable but also for the sense of community found among students, facility and staff. Touring the campus allowed me to see why Murray is the friendliest town in America. I am thankful I have the privilege to call it home.

Who is your favorite professor and why?

 Dr. Worley is a professor within the organizational communication department and teaches interpersonal communication. After my first year at Murray State University, he would have to be my favorite teacher because of his enthusiasm while teaching and his personable attributes when speaking to me. He engages in every conversation and strives to make us better people and students.

What’s something you’ve accomplished at Murray State that you’re most proud of and why? 

 Over this year, I am pleased to say that I have been able to get connected with multiple organizations on campus, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet amazing people. No matter if you’re a local student or not, getting connected is simple and easy, but you just have to open up your mind to new opportunities along the way.

If you could spend an hour with anyone, who would it be and why?

 If I ever had the chance to spend an hour with anyone, I would love to spend it with Mat Kearney. He is my absolute favorite singer and is true to heart through the songs he sings and the words he writes. I’ve seen him live on tour, and there was nothing better than hearing a guy who was true to himself and just loved singing.

How do you define success? 

 Success is defined through the ability to be motivated and work for something better in order to have a beneficial product. This is defined differently for everyone and can be seen in multiple perceptions. Some find success in money, while others find success in the simple accomplishments of life.

What opportunities have you been afforded at Murray State?

 Murray State University has provided me with the opportunity to be a part in Greek Life, campus ministries and new student programs where I can fall in love more with the University while having friends by my side every step of the way to constantly encourage me.

What is your favorite Murray State tradition, and why?

 The Shoe Tree is my favorite Murray State tradition because of its history. If a couple meets at Murray State and later gets married, they come back and put a pair of shoes on the tree. They are considered “tied” together for life. This emphasizes the love Murray State truly possesses. It has been struck by lightning three times but still carries multiple memories and stories from alumni all over the world. There is nothing better than walking by the Shoe Tree to remind you that Murray is full of love and sweetness.

What do you love most about Murray State?

 The connections made with other students and faculty, the various organizations available and the beautiful campus are reasons I enjoy being a Murray State Racer. Every faculty member and student takes pride in being a Racer. The little town of Murray contributes to my love for Murray State as well. I have lived in Murray my whole life, and Murray State has given me the chance to branch out and prepare to be a successful young woman and make a difference every step of the way. Murray State has changed me not only as a person but also as a student.

What do you think sets Murray State apart from other universities?

 Murray State University’s faculty, organizations and students create a college experience that is different than most. The friendliness, constant motivation and challenges presented from Murray State’s atmosphere will push you to become the person you have always strived to be. Racer Nation is a community that cherishes not only academics but also the relationships you will build throughout your time as a Racer.

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