Murray State alumna Taylor Grace Suiter has an “Opportunity Afforded” in Washington D.C. at the Smithsonian Museum. Suiter serves as the social media intern for The Smithsonian Associates, which allows her the opportunity to manage their social media pages.

The Smithsonian Associates is the office responsible for coordinating more than 750 educational programs, classes, seminars and events available through the Smithsonian. Suiter will chronicle their programs through the use of their blog, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

“I discovered the internship during a moment of panic. I returned from a semester abroad and found out that I would be graduating earlier than expected. In a rush to come up with a post-graduation game plan, I set up a meeting with Katie Mantooth in Career Services,” said Suiter. “We discussed my resume, she walked me through my results of a few diagnostics/aptitude-type tests and then recommended that I try an internship that appealed to my broad range of interests. I mentioned that I love museums, she told me about a contact she had at the Smithsonian, and I browsed their website to look for internships that appealed to me.”

Murray State students have access to an abundant amount of resources that aid them in their time while on Murray State’s campus and beyond graduation. Suiter was able to utilize the campus Career Services center and the connection that Katie Mantooth made with Eric Woodard, director of the office of fellowships and internships.

“The skills I learned in Organizational Communication facilitated this whole process, from reaching out to Career Services to my final interview. My degree taught me the practical ins and outs of communicating professionally, how to convey conceptual ideas clearly, critical thinking and the importance of networking. These skills ultimately got me the job,” noted Suiter. “The marketing component of my degree will apply to the technical work I’ll be doing, such as promoting events, understanding who is engaging with the Smithsonian Associates’ work and finding ways to interest the people who are not.”

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