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Murray State University is known as a place of opportunity for students, faculty and staff, and that particularly rings true for Emily Hannan. A senior public relations student in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications through the Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business, Hannan knows firsthand the incredible opportunities that are available at Murray State.

Currently, she is participating in a summer internship with Ketchum, a public relations and marketing agency, in New York City. In addition to her current position, Hannan has worked in a prior internship in New York City as well as two local internships. While at Murray State, she has also had the privilege of being a founding sister of Kappa Delta, Delta Iota chapter, and holding leadership roles in the form of secretary for the Murray State Chapter of Public Relations Student Society of American (PRSSA).
“You don’t go to class to learn specific material. Often, the material is extremely important, it’s true. However, the world is constantly evolving. Some of the things we’re learning currently, across all industries, will be obsolete or proven wrong in the coming years. The professors at Murray State don’t only teach the textbook. They teach you how to learn and adapt and always take the student mentality with you in every challenge you encounter,” said Hannan.
She added that having a working knowledge in today’s world is just as important as a theoretical one, and getting the chance to practice your skills is essential to the learning process.
“I think a great thing that I experienced was coming back from my first internship the following semester, sitting in class and realizing how relevant everything that my professors were saying was. After being exposed to the corporate atmosphere of which I was a part, I can truly testify to my fellow students that everything that our teachers are serving us is extremely useful material,” said Hannan.
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