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Flipped ChemistryCreated by chemistry professors to serve the needs of educators who want to flip their chemistry courses, Flipped Chemistry launches an online community with over 100 members.

Yesterday, Flipped Chemistry launched their online community, Flipped Chemistry aims to serve chemistry educators who desire to flip their chemistry courses – a burgeoning trend in higher education.

A “flipped classroom” inverts the traditional classroom model by moving the instructor lectures to videos viewed outside of class, and instead uses normal class time for personalized instructor attention and interactive group activities. Many chemistry professors report that the flipped learning model boosts student engagement and performance.

“A flipped, active-learning environment has enormous benefits for students, and many students prefer it,” says Kevin Revell, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Murray State University, and founder of the Flipped Chemistry community. “My hope is that this community will foster new partnerships, ideas, and shared resources to invigorate our college chemistry classrooms.”

Flipped Chemistry was founded by Kevin Revell after flipping his own chemistry courses at Murray State University. While speaking with other faculty, he discovered that many educators understand the benefits of a flipped classroom and desire to make the switch, but do not know how to get started. He recruited a group of chemistry professors from several US colleges and universities to discuss their experiences and help educators transition to a flipped classroom model. Flipped Chemistry will publish blog articles from these educators, and contains a vetted set of chemistry teaching resources used by other educators in a flipped classroom.

Chemistry educators will be notified when new articles are posted by subscribing to the Flipped Chemistry newsletter published every two weeks. All chemistry educators are encouraged to join Flipped Chemistry:

Flipped Chemistry is proud to be sponsored by Sapling Learning, a Macmillan New Ventures company and the leading online homework solution for chemistry.

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