Murray State finishes with Best Overall at the Parker Chainless Competition Murray State University placed in almost every category in the 2014 Parker Chainless Competition this past spring semester in Irvine, Calif., including Best Overall.

The team won first place in Manufacturability and Workmanship; Best Sprint; Sprint Team Partner with the University of Minnesota; Efficiency; and Best Overall with 1,115 points. They placed second in Innovation; Reliability and Safety, and Best Design (chosen by peers). In Cost Analysis, the team took third place.

Chainless Challenge is a hydraulic bicycle design competition that “challenges” engineering and engineering technology students to create an innovative design and develop a bicycle that will transfer riders’ manual power to the driving wheel through safe, biodegradable hydraulic fluid without using a traditional chain or other direct drive mechanisms. Additionally, the bicycle should be able to conserve energy to use during difficult uphill motion. Bikes can have two or three wheels and must be able to start and stop safely without external assistance.

Parker-Hannifin Corporation sponsors the Chainless Challenge every year for selected universities with engineering programs. The corporation is the world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control tech and systems, providing provision engineered solutions for wide variety of mobile, industrial, and aerospace markets.

The Chainless Challenge team at MSU includes Bryan McCoil, Dustin Patton, Colby White, Mohanad “Moe” Maghrabi and Mike Kozlowski. Advisers and team leaders of the project were Dr. James Benson and Dr. Sanjeevi Chitikeshi, both professors of the Jesse D. Jones College of Science, Engineering and Technology at Murray State.

To view a video of the team preparing for the Chainless Competition, go online at

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