The Murray State University Alumni Association is announcing the highly anticipated launch of its map-based alumni directory, IntroMaps. Alumni will have full access to this software beginning Tuesday, May 6, at noon (CDT).

The IntroMaps program is a visual representation of the MSU Alumni Directory and offered specifically to alumni to provide networking connections. Murray State alumni will be connected with area alumni based on their locations, shared career paths and interests. It’s also a good interview resource for students going into higher education.

According to Jim Carter, vice president of institutional advancement and executive director of the alumni association, “Our alumni association board of governors saw immediately the opportunities IntroMaps gives our 66,000 alumni to both connect and engage. As we look to continue to assist our alumni, this software allows us to begin alumni connections with current students and also to serve those who are already well into their professions. IntroMaps is using the most current and innovative technology to bring our alumni base right to their desktops — better yet, right to their smartphones.”

The MSU Alumni Association hopes that this new networking tool will allow alumni to meet their personal and professional goals.

IntroMaps is the perfect tool for alumni to be able to reconnect with fellow Racer alumni they have lost touch with over the years. This system goes above and beyond LinkedIn to allow MSU alumni direct contact with each other, providing alums with an opportunity to become acquainted with Murray State connections who they may not have known were in their region or neighborhood.

Recent graduates can utilize IntroMaps to search and network with alumni who share common career interests. A couple months after launch, the system will also automatically introduce alumni with strong career commonalities, hopefully leading to face-to-face interactions.

A valid email address is required for access to IntroMaps. The information that is included on each alumni profile is tailored to individual preferences. Alumni with any problems accessing IntroMaps should contact the MSU Alumni Association for assistance.

Darren Leva, founder and CEO of IntroMaps said, “We couldn’t be more excited to have Murray State as part of the IntroMaps family. We feel it’s a win-win for everyone involved, especially the alumni who can now fully utilize the alumni network in a meaningful way.”

This type of program is new to the Murray State University Alumni Association and it is with excitement that the group offers MSU alumni the service. IntroMaps aims to allow alumni to connect for job searches, find mentors/mentees, recruit from the alumni directory and generally utilize the power of the Racer network.

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