Every year the Murray State ROTC program hosts the Best Racer Competition which involves the students and faculty. The Best Racer competition is a series of strenuous events from tire flip to a Humvee pull designed to challenge participants to push their bodies physically and mentally. Every year there are anywhere from 10 to 15 teams that participate, and the entry fee per team is 80 dollars. All of the funds that are raised are used to sponsor a Wounded Warrior. This year a local hunting outfitter, Snipe Creek Outfitters, joined our effort to give back to those that have served. Snipe Creek Outfitters more than matched the money raised from the proceeds from the 2013 Best Racer Competition.

The local Warrior Transition Unit at Ft. Campbell got us in touch with Brandon Zettl. Brandon Zettl served a staff sergeant in the Army. He served 10 years on active duty. He was deployed to Africa once and Afghanistan twice. He has two children and a wife and currently lives in Clarksville, TN. He is currently pursuing a degree in engineering. Brandon suffered a back injury during his last deployment to Afghanistan after being knocked out of a guard tower. We selected him due to his passion for hunting and the outdoors. The hunt was scheduled for December 14th, 15th, and 16th in order to coincide with the late muzzle loading season.

Brandon arrived at the lodge on the night of December 13th, where he was linked with an expert guide in order to discuss the plan for the following morning’s hunt. On the first day out he targeted a large 10 point whitetail but unfortunately missed. The second day out he saw eight does and a small buck but passed on shooting in hopes of spotting a record deer. The third day he passed on 10 does and two small 8 point deer. Even though he didn’t get another shot at a mature whitetail deer he had a great time enjoying nature and the company of hunters from various states. He was deeply appreciative of the Murray State ROTC and Snipe Creek Outfitters for giving him the opportunity to not only hunt but to get away from the stress of daily issues.

Overall the hunt was a complete success. We plan to continue our relationship with Snipe Creek Outfitters and continue to sponsor veterans with dream hunts, giving them an opportunity of a lifetime. Our best wishes go out to Brandon and his family and all of our veterans that are currently serving and those that have served.

If interested in supporting a hunt for 2014 please sign up for the 2014 Best Racer Competition or you can just donate to the hunt. Contact information is Nicholas Prouse and his email is nprouse@murraystate.edu. He will provide the registration form and answer any questions.



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