Partnership with city brings program to high schools as well

Murray State University launched a new program this summer for new students. AlcoholEdu for College is the newest component of the university’s alcohol prevention initiative. The thought-provoking and educational program is designed to encourage students to think about their life choices. Because the university is concerned about the health, safety and welfare of its students, MSU expects every first-year and new transfer student to complete the AlcoholEdu course.

“We want students to stay in school, be successful in their academics and social lives while they are here and, ultimately, we want them to graduate and move on to their careers and family lives. High-risk drinking jeopardizes this success,” said Judy Lyle, interim associate director of health services at Murray State and chair of the Coalition for Alcohol Risk Education.

Lyle noted that she approached the City of Murray to provide an allocation of funds for the program — which the city agreed to — so that AlcoholEdu could be extended to not only Murray State students, but students at Murray and Calloway County High schools as well.

The course includes three surveys that will offer students feedback on their alcohol-related attitudes and behaviors. It’s important to note, Lyle said, that all survey responses are strictly confidential; Murray State will only receive information about the student body as a whole and will never see any individual student’s answers.

On July 22, emails were sent giving directions to access the course. Part 1 must be completed by Aug. 15. Approximately one month later, students will receive another email reminding them to complete Part 2 of the course by Oct. 15.

Because parents play a key role in influencing decisions that their college students make about drinking, AlcoholEdu for Parents will be offered for them online as resource that provides information, key facts and strategies for having productive conversations that can impact students’ safety, decision making and personal development.

For additional information on the AlcoholEdu program, contact Lyle at 270.809.3809 or

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