Murray State University students who created work for the publication “Notations” (the annual MSU undergraduate literary and art journal) will give readings on Thursday, April 26, in the Clara M. Eagle Art Gallery at 7:30 p.m. The gallery is located on the sixth floor of the Doyle Fine Arts Center. The free event is open to students, faculty, staff and to Murray and surrounding communities.

“Notations” is a student-run literary journal that is edited and published by Murray State students. In the fall semester, students submit their artwork and attend meetings to select positions for the organization, including reading juries and editors. At the beginning of the spring semester, the pieces to be included in the journal are chosen. Once the journal is complete, a sampling of the contributors present their work at the annual reading. This year the journal includes two fictional short stories and 15 poems from a variety of students on campus.

Tia Johnston, a senior in creative writing and managing editor of “Notations,” said, “I feel as though the journal turned out great this year. All of the editors are proud of this edition, and those whose works were submitted should feel proud as well. Instead of going with a theme, we tried to choose the best possible pieces for publication and I think that’s what makes the journal stand out.”

The department of English and philosophy and the department of art and design will sponsor the reading.

Students who will be presenting include Kari Shemwell, Amy Buchweitz, Nate Brelsford, Kyle Kineman, Corrine McCreary, Megan Heller, Cynthia Willis, Lane Northcutt and Damien Carr.

“I wanted to be a part of ‘Notations,’ because I’ve always been interested in creative writing and the publishing industry. It’s good experience for those looking into that field, and it’s also similar to having another creative writing workshop, which was great. By being a part of ‘Notations,’ I learned a lot about managing, how to run the journal itself, and the publishing process. I would encourage anyone who is interested in creative writing or a career in publishing to join, because it’s a wonderful experience and really hones your critiquing skills.”

After the reading, there will be a reception in the Clara M. Eagle Art Gallery and attendees will receive a free copy of the journal. Murray State students may pick up a free copy of it in the department of English and philosophy and the department of art and design.

For more information on “Notations,” contact Johnston at

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