Jenna Knott, a junior at Murray State University, has been ranked fifth in the nation among female trapshooters by the Amateur Trapshooting Association.

The 20-year-old Knott, an agriculture education major from Glasgow, Ky., also has been named to ATA’s 2012 All-American Team. This is her first time to make the team.

Trap Shooting is a clay target shooting game with multiple variations, but all performed with a 12-gauge shotgun. The ATA was founded in 1900 as the American Trapshooting Association and was renamed in 1923 to the Amateur Trapshooting Association.

Knott watched her father, Kenny, trapshoot for years before she gained interest in the sport. She decided to join her school’s FFA chapter team and then went to her father for training. “I have been addicted to the sport ever since,” Knott said.

There are three different rounds of each competition: singles, handicap and Knott’s personal favorite, doubles. The ATA has in place a points system based on skill and number of participants in each competition. The points are compiled throughout the year and the top ten make the All-American team.

“I have been so blessed to have a family that supports me,” Knott said, “I have been so blessed to have professors who allow me to miss class for this and cheer me on when I am away. I am so blessed to have met some of my best friends who live all over the country. I am also so blessed that God has given me this amazing gift that makes me so happy.”

This August, Knott hopes to raise her ranking and compete at what is known as the “Super Bowl” of trapshooting events, The Grand American. Winning an event at the Grand will earn her a ring and the honor of being the second woman in history to do so. The first was fellow Kentuckian Nora Ross who is also a member of this year’s team.

“I hope that every year I shoot, I will improve and that I will one day be able to be captain of the women’s team,” Knott said.

In the future, Knott would love to shoot full time, but she looks forward to the opportunity to teach. Her goal is to gain sponsorship from shooting companies and, ultimately, reach the skill level to be able to teach others the sport she loves.

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