As droves of Racer fans invaded Louisville, Kentucky to witness the NCAA tournament matchup against the Marquette Golden Eagles, another key matchup involving one of Murray State’s own was taking place nationally. Dunker, Racer athletics’ mascot and fan favorite at athletic events, participated in the “You vs. Cat” tablet game against Buddy, a 9.7 pound Tabby and two-time Friskies All-American.

In February, representatives from Friskies contacted Director of Marketing and Promotions, Morris White and asked if Dunker wanted to be part of the first ever duel-species tablet game. “We were very excited to be a part of the project with Friskies and had a blast with Buddy,” White said. “With the success of the men’s basketball team, it provided us a fun opportunity to once again capture the attention of a national audience.” Murray State was one of only three schools that participated in the project. Buddy also competed against Bruiser at Baylor University and Billy at Creighton University.

“You vs. Cat” is the first tablet game designed for two players – one human and one cat – to bring big-time competition to playtime. Cat-like reflexes were put to the test as Dunker launched up to five playing pieces onto the field where they tumble, collide, and bounce around. By keeping an eye on the playing field, Buddy scored one point for each piece captured with deft paw maneuvers and swift taps on the screen. Despite many attempts, Dunker was unable to dethrone Buddy.

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