Tim Love, vice chairman of Omnicom Group Inc., will give a presentation from 9:30-10:45 a.m., Thursday, March 29, on the third floor of Murray State University’s Curris Center.

The event is open to the community as well as students, and the topic of the presentation will be “Think Like the Sun: The Secret to Building Global Brands.” It focuses on innovations in international marketing and advertising.

Love is CEO of Omnicom’s Asia Pacific India Middle East Africa (APIMA) region. Omnicom is a leading worldwide marketing and communications services company. He serves on advisory committees including the Advertising Council, the American Advertising Federation, the Organization of Women in International Trade and the Institute for Advertising Ethics at the University of Missouri.

“The whole far east is an important market for all industries,” said fellow Omnicom executive, Robert Norsworthy. “That’s why people should attend.”

Norsworthy is a native of Kirksey, Ky., and has spent this semester as an in-residence guest professional for Murray State University’s journalism and mass communications department. “Tim can offer the perspective of global advertising,” Norsworthy said.

Over the course of his 39-year career, Love has worked in several countries and been responsible for clients such as Nissan Motor Company and Procter & Gamble. He has been a guest lecturer at venues such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Columbia universities. He was published in 2001’s Think Like the Sun: The Secret to Building Global Lovemark Brands.

Love’s first assignment upon entering the advertising industry was for the Ad Council’s public service campaign for the Peace Corps. “Working with the Ad Council on the Peace Corps campaign imprinted on me that advertising is a noble career that can help improve lives,” he said.

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