Four faculty members in Murray State University’s college of business participated in the MSU Europe-in-Transition Faculty Development Program July 29-Aug. 12 in Regensburg, Germany. They were Dr. Gary Brockway, Dr. Debbie Owens, Dr. Terry Holmes and Dr. Fred Miller.

Brockway, Regents Professor Emeritus and former MSU provost, gave a presentation on “Think Global, Act Local: The Impact of Cultural, Economic and Regulatory Forces on the Marketing Strategy of Selected Global Brands.” He examined the top 100 global brands, focusing on top German brands as well as U. S. brands that are popular in Germany. He then discussed how the three forces influenced the marketing of the brands. Brockway retired in the spring of 2011 after 34 years with the university. He is teaching halftime in marketing.

Owens, an associate professor in the department of journalism and mass communications, presented her research on “Jazz Music Development in Europe: The Influence of U. S. Jazz Musicians on Jazz Communities in Eastern Europe.” She examined the history of jazz music development in Europe and the extent to which it currently thrives with specific Eastern European communities.  She noted the transnational relationships that were forged between American and European performers and how these relationships have served as the creative foundation for modern European artists.

This is the second time she has participated in the Europe-in-Transition Program. In 2006 she gave a presentation on “Media Reflections of a Gendered Society in Eastern Europe: Portrayals of Women in Print Media.”

Holmes, professor and chairman of the department of marketing, management and business administration, gave his presentation on “The Diffusion of Baseball in Germany.” He covered the history of baseball in Germany and noted that baseball “is and likely will always be a niche sport there.  Every school and park has at least one soccer field but rarely was there a baseball field.”

Regensburg’s Legionaire is recognized as the best professional team in Germany. Holmes and four others saw a game there at a stadium that would be equivalent to that of an American Triple A team. Holmes plans to offer a sports marketing course as an elective beginning next year.

Miller, the Hutchens Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Business GIS (geographic information systems), has been the director of Regensburg programs since the partnership was formed in 1991. That partnership has developed into an extensive relationship involving student exchange, several dual degree programs and a professional development seminar for faculty and staff.

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