Murray State University (MSU) finished the commissioning of PCS UtiliData’s AdaptiVolt™ Volt/VAR Optimization system, which saves energy by increasing the efficiency of MSU’s campus-wide electric distribution network.


“We are excited about the successful completion of this project and we are very anxious to complete the measurement and verification process to validate the energy savings that we are achieving,” said Kim Oatman, chief facilities officer for MSU. The project is anticipated to conserve approximately 1.8 GWh in a typical year — enough of energy to power over 150 homes.

With the successful commissioning, MSU becomes the first university in the United States to gain the benefits of the AdaptiVolt™ Volt/VAR Optimization technology. The AdaptiVolt™ system gives Murray State the power to monitor and automatically adjust voltage levels throughout their electric distribution system, thereby conserving energy and reducing power losses.


Other AdaptiVolt™ systems are installed across North America at various utilities and large industrial facilities. According to Ron Decker, CEO of PCS UtiliData, “MSU has taken a large step toward realizing the full potential of Smart Grid and energy efficient technologies by taking greater control of their electric distribution system.”


PCS UtiliData, a Smart Grid solutions provider, is the only provider of true live-state, utility-grade Volt/VAR Optimization solutions that increase distribution system reliability and efficiency. As a founding member of the Control Systems Integrator’s Association, PCS UtiliData has been committed to providing world-class products and services to a wide range of clients in the energy and utility automation industry for over 20 years. For more information, visit

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